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Our St. Thomas deep sea fishing charters target fish that are biting! Our goal is to get you out on the water to enjoy the day and catch as many fish as possible! The most exciting thing about US Virgin Islands deep sea fishing is you never know what's going to hit your line. We offer several affordable St. Thomas fishing charter options. Half Day St. Thomas Fishing Charters and Full Day St. Thomas Sportfishing Adventures that allow you to target several species of fish. We will take you and your group Amberjack fishing, Wahoo fishing, Marlin fishing, Dolphin fishing and Barracuda fishing. We also offer St. Thomas Sportfishing that target Sailfish & Tuna. Give our St. Thomas charter fishing service a call today if you wish to target any of the following species.

Dolphin fish often called Mahi-Mahi or Dorado is an excellent fish for both beginners and seasoned anglers. Dolphin provide high flying action, as they are very acrobatic once hooked. Their colors are dazzling with hues of green, blue, and silver all mixed together. Dolphin are another fish that can be caught year round, but the tactics used can vary season to season. We catch these amazing fish by trolling. Dolphin can range from only a few pounds to upwards of 60 pounds. Call us today to book the most productive St. Thomas fishing charters on the Island.

Wahoo fishing charters is another popular Adventure people like to go on when they visit St. Thomas. We catch Wahoo at various times of the year. Some of these Wahoo can be very large. During the Fall months we catch Wahoo using high speed trolling baits and lures. This method is the most effective for targeting the Wahoo that hang along the ledges in the Ocean. The average weight of these fish is 30 lbs. with fish caught over 60 lbs. Call Peanut Gallery Fishing Charters to book your next St. Thomas fishing trip to target Wahoo.

Tuna fishing trips are exciting because of the tremendous fight these giant fish put up! Primarily we will take you Blackfin Tuna fishing, but we also catch Yellowfin Tuna. The Blackfin Tuna we catch in St. Thomas are typically 15 lbs. to 35 lbs. We also get a few Yellowfins each year. Once you get back to shore, we can will clean your fish so it’s ready for dinner. Give our US Virgin Islands charter fishing company a call today to reel in Large Tuna.

Barracuda Sportfishing is amazing because these fish are well known for putting up a great fight! Barracuda are also fish that we catch on a regular here in St. Thomas. If a Barracuda is nearby, they will readily eat our bait. Many angler travel to USVI to fish for these feisty fish. Peanut Gallery fishing charters knows where all the Barracuda are hiding. Our US Virgin Islands charter fishing company will hook you up with Giant Barracuda!

Jacks Fishing Charters are full of fight & excitement for all anglers. Jacks are generally bottom feeding fish although they may hit above the bottom especially near artificial reefs or other submerged objects. It is common when Jack fishing in St. Thomas and US Virgin Islands to catch these powerful fighting fish in the 15 lbs. to 50 lbs. range. We often catch Jacks weighing 50+ lbs. Call us today to catch large Jacks on your next Sportfishing Trip to US Virgin Islands.

Sailfish Charters are another opportunity when fishing in the US Virgin Islands. Sailfish occasionally pass through here. These fish are very acrobatic, beautiful and a great adversary to hook up on. Sailfish can be caught year round in our warm waters. As winter approaches in the North Sailfish will migrate South following schools of bait fish. We can guarantee sailfish here in USVI, but we will try hard to get you hooked up with this incredible fish.

Marlin Fishing Charters are another favorite adventure people seek when they visit the US Virgin Islands. Marlin are found in abundance here and put up an amazing fight when hooked! Marlin can be caught year round in our warm waters. As winter approaches in the North Marlin will migrate South following schools of bait fish. Double digit strikes and often double digit releases of Marlin in one day are not uncommon if the conditions are right.

Cruise Ship Passengers Our St. Thomas excursions depart and drop-off near the cruise ship dock. The charter boat is walking distance from the dock.

Honeymoon Beach Water Island is the ideal spot to enjoy a day of relaxing and swimming.

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